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HardiePlank Accessories

There are a few Accessories to consider when using HardiePlank.

HardiePlank® Starter Ventilation Profile

Combination starter strip and ventilation profile for HardiePlank® cladding. Available in three depths to suit battens with a thickness of 25mm, 38mm and 50mm.

Touch-Up Paint

These ColorPlus® Technology matched paints, compatible with the factory finish, are essential for the correct and warranted installation of James Hardie® cladding materials. Use touch-up paint for coating cut ends to ensure long-lasting performance of the façade. It provides excellent coverage in a single layer and dries quickly, saving precious building time.


The high-quality EPDM tape protects wooden battens from the elements and ensures nice joints. Available in 20 m rolls of 60mm wide. Colour: black.


HardieGuillotine™ Manual Tool

Custom-designed manual tool that cuts HardiePlank® cladding fast and accurately every time, with no breaking, chipping or sawing dust. The cutting movement is stiffly controlled to enable safe, precise cutting of even the smallest slivers of material.

HardieBlade® Circular Saw

Specially designed to produce only a very low amount of dust, this circular blade is perfect for straight-cutting James Hardie® cladding products. Using continuous disk or wood blades causes excessive levels of dust and very fast blade wear. Using HardieBlade™ circular saw keeps blade costs and dust levels down. Available in 160mm, 190mm, 254mm, and 305mm diameters; fits most 30mm bore saws. For outdoor use only.

Gecko Gauge

The Gecko Gauge is like an extra set of hands for fast, accurate cladding installation. It practically eliminates layout time. For 8mm thick fibre cement cladding products. Adjusts at 10mm increments for 100-240mm reveals.


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